The Slave Driver

This is a poem I wrote for Tearfund Rhythms blog on the link between sex trafficking and pornography:

No choice in the matter,
The game is on,
Been here before – no need to stop.

Only an image,
What’s the harm?
‘Girls as objects?’ That’s the norm.

Deeper, deeper,
Reels you in,
Sex contorted: a black twist.

Shackled and bound,
Addiction requires it;
Can’t stop now – enslaved regardless.

No choice in the matter,
Strike a pose,
Body exposed – all on show.

Only an image,
What’s the harm?
You’re an object, don’t spoil our fun.

Deeper, deeper,
Reels you in;
Photo, video, meet the pimp.

Shackled and bound,
Demand requires it;
Act as you’re told, you were bought to provide it.

It’s time to challenge attitudes to this slave driver. Pornography enslaves both the consumer and the producer: demand for it fuels sex trafficking, and consumption of it leads to an addiction which never satisfies. We have to offer a way out. We need to stand up against trafficking. One easy way of doing this is by getting involved with the Tearfund No Child Taken campaign or by signing this petition to David Cameron asking him to do more to tackle climate change which also leads to children being trafficked ( We also need to break addiction. The taboo surrounding pornography needs to be broken so that the steps to recovery can take place. Churches need to provide safe, open spaces for people to make these steps. Jesus comes to offer freedom and the Church has the power to play an important role in a culture shift on this issue.


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